Beta Hybrid 22 Compensator

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A well-balanced hybrid compensator must excel at two vastly different roles:

  • First, it must redirect fast-moving gases upwards as they exit the bore, helping to negate muzzle climb.
  • Second, it must dissipate the hot gases evenly to suppress the bright flash emitted as they escape.

With a nod to the A2 ‘Birdcage’ flash hider, the Beta Hybrid Compensator strikes this balance by biasing gas expulsion through slots running the length of the device’s top half. The open chamber of the device allows gases to expand and cool before exiting, resulting in a substantial signature reduction.




  • External thread and taper to host the Gamma Flash Can
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces (416 SS), 2.4 ounces (Ti)
  • Mountain Thread: ½”-28
  • Bore Diameter: .285”


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