There is a trifecta in manufacturing: Quality, Delivery and Price. Most machine shops tell customers to “Pick two!” but at AlphaTech we believe that customers should be able to appreciate quality parts, on time and at a fair price. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of engineers and buyers to meet all three of these requirements. So how do we do it? Through innovation and advanced technologies as we continually invest in new equipment and ongoing training for our employees.

The right tool and the knowledge of how to use it is important but we go beyond that. Our designers, machinists and project managers are constantly striving to develop precise fixturing, determine best machining methods and choose appropriate tooling in an effort to exceed the customer’s expectations. We have provided hundreds of thousands of quality, low cost, on-time parts to various industries.

Who We Serve:

  • Instrumentation

    Valves, pressure transducers, back-pressure gauges, gland nuts, end fittings, inlet/outlet fittings, spacers, floats, float heads, float bodies, electrodes, electrodes made from tantalum, hastelloy and stainless steel, housings and enclosures, bezels, shields, stops, standoffs, brackets, covers, adapters, nipples, orifice plates, terminals, impact tubes, flanges, various plugs, sleeves, shafts, bushings, protector plates, sealing nuts, shedder bars, float rods, mounting posts, spool bodies, bellows, flappers, valve stems, tube stems, regulator bodies and bonnets, adjustment screws, compression nuts, connecting rods, drive levers, pivot pins, shaft assemblies, transfer and worm shafts, diaphrams, rod clevis, linkages, orifices, isolators, flushing rings, nozzles, manifolds, gages, gaskets and much more.
  • Automotive

    Changeover tooling for anti-lock braking systems, various cosmetic stampings, plates, couplings, mounting brackets, pins, etc.
  • Gas Analytics

    Connectors, flame arrestors, stem assemblies, sliders, vaporizers, titanium and hastelloy sheaths, electrode seals, sensor bodies, photomultiplier housings, retainer filters, connector assemblies, tube capillary, various connectors, brackets for syringes and cell bodies, breather plugs, optical housings, etc.
  • Firearms

    1911 parts, custom 1911 builds, Race Guns, Glock aftermarket accessories such as magwells, triggers, slides, firing pins, various pistol barrels, Glock Modifications, Solid Copper Bullets, customer-specified specialty components. We also do a lot of contract manufacturing for some recognizable names in the firearms industry.

  • Electrical

    Stationary contacts, on/off handles, sheet metal housings, contact posts, armatures, assembly meters, pole pieces, cores, shunt assemblies, magnet frames, blow-out coils, arch horns, laminations, bearing plates, connector assemblies, line stabs, contacts, fuse fingers, contact finger assemblies, core assemblies, arc runners, terminal clips, insulators, terminals, buss bar, switches, shading coils, terminal pins, etc.

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