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Avidity Arms

Avidity Arms passionately approaches the art of design and the science of engineering with a focus on Personal Defense.

The Avidity Arms company was founded by Rob Pincus and Micheal Sodini, the idea tracing its routes back to a conversation in a bar in 2013. The PD10 Pistol Design was established as the company’s first project in 2014. After a couple starts and restarts, the company was eventually moved to Florida and, in 2019, Chuck Usina was added to the ownership team. The three of them were joined by Joe Worley in 2022 and the company relocated again to Fletcher, North Carolina.

Rob Pincus brings almost three decades of professional experience in the firearms industry to the company, with most of his work having been focused helping others prepare for using firearms to defend themselves. Rob left full time law enforcement work in 2001 to become a full time educator. His student list includes multiple contract with elite military units, law enforcement agencies across the United and Europe and countless thousands of everyday people who carry and/or stage guns for defensive use. He has also reached millions of people through Personal Defense Network, the Personal Defense Training DVD Series, work on various television shows, scores of articles and the 9 books he’s authored on defensive shooting & related topics. Hundreds of other instructors have also been certified to teach courses that he has developed. At Avidity Arms, Rob oversees product development, testing and marketing.

Mike Sodini has worked in the firearms industry for over two decades, primarily in firearms sales. He ran Eagle Imports, one of the largest importers of handguns into the US, for over a decade. Under his leadership, Eagle successfully brought several new models of handgun to the US Market. In 2018, Mike found a new passion in the firearms community when he founded Walk The Talk America, a non-profit organization focused on reducing negative outcomes at the intersection of guns & mental health. WTTA has dramatically changed the way the firearms industry addresses issues of Suicide Prevention, Mass Killer Intervention and Trauma Mitigation. At Avidity Arms, Mike oversees all product sales and distribution.

Joe Worley is a second generation manufacture who quite literally grew up around metal working. Formally starting with AlphaTech 25 years ago, he eventually took over operations of the company that his Father started in 1974. Joe has lead AlphaTech through multiple phases of modernization and automation with a focus on both precision manufacturing and great customer service. He invested not only in state-of-the-art equipment, but also in an incredibly talented team. Joe lead his team into the world of firearms parts and ammunition component manufacturing several years ago, setting the stage perfectly for the alliance with Avidity Arms. Joe oversees all engineering, manufacturing activity and supply chain management.

Chuck Usina has been a professional range owner, instructor and gunsmith for over a decade, and brings a lifetime of experience with firearms to the Avidity Arms team. Chuck’s hands-on firearms industry experience combined with fabrication and manufacturing background provide a uniquely valuable perspective on overall product design & development as well as specific part creation. Chuck assists in product design, assembly and testing.