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Turnkey Contract Resistance Welding

When you need a source for the precision welding and assembly of small metal parts, give us a call to quote on your requirements. Our current customers are glad they did!

We don't see our business as just designing and manufacturing production equipment and systems. Our business is helping our customers solve their manufacturing problems. This may mean recommending one of our standard welding machines, designing special tooling or creating a custom production system. Or, in some cases, it may mean setting up a production line in our plant and supplying parts to the customer's specifications and timetable, providing "just in time inventories."

Outsources Production

You may not be in a position to add manufacturing capacity and have no choice except to go outside to meet additional production requirements. In most cases, we can handle your extra production needs at a cost that won't throw your own production costs out of line.

Jobs that "Don't Fit" 

Those production jobs or subassemblies that don't fit your expertise or long range plans can still be accomplished using our capabilities. This leaves your resources free to do those things you do best, while still meeting production needs for a particular task. Our people are accustomed to taking on new and challenging assignments. They work in an atmosphere where new projects are the rule, not the exception.

Because we also design and manufacture machinery for full-scale, automated production, we can also help streamline your in-house production as well.

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