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Custom Machine Design & Build

AlphaTech employs experienced mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and tool makers allowing us the ability offer exceptional solutions.


AlphaTech has over 40 years of machine design experience, starting with simplistic single operator work cells to more complex fully-automated systems.

Our design platform is SolidWorks 2017, which can output designs to most 3D cad formats. Designs include all solid part models, solid assembly models, part drawings, and assembly drawings in a format of the customer’s choice. Bill of Materials are generated in Excel format and hole tables are provided when required. Our designs are created using ISO standards, however, we can adapt to the customer’s standards of choice.

Many automatic machines require interfacing with custom designed tools and dies. AlphaTech specializes in designing and building tools and dies to interface with both standard and custom press mechanisms. We can provide strip layouts and die progressions from your part designs, or from your existing drawings.

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